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ViQ Browser Extension

The ViQ extension can be added to the Firefox browser (version 1.5 and above). Aside from the various configuration settings, help information and links, the main display area is on the left hand side. The circle will flash while the system establishes whether or not labels are present on the site you are looking at. If at least one label is present, the circle will settle on blue. If no labels are present, the circle will be grey.

Clicking the blue circle will show you what labels are present and whether they have been authenticated by the labelling authority. A second click will display the detailed description carried by the label.

ViQ also includes a search box linked to Quatro’s other tool LADI. This can also be added to Firefox’s main search box independently of ViQ. When you search using LADI, labelled sites are highlighted with icons similar to those used by ViQ.

Visit the ViQ download site