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About Quatro

About Quatro

The Quatro project rests on two foundation stones: policy and technology. Users, content providers, labelling scheme operators, eCommerce practitioners and relevant industry organisations have been consulted on what they wished to see the system achieve and how it fits in with current operations and practices. On the technology side, academics and engineers from different fields reviewed the existing standards and practices.

A combination of these two reviews lead to the definition of common platform to support the labels and metadata (RDF-CL)

As well as the platform definition, Quatro had three further outcomes:

The expression of partner labelling schemes using the new system

Tools for end users that provide a simple graphical interface for the metadata found. The presence of metadata being signalled by an icon that can be clicked for more information.

The establishment of a new paradigm in which websites can carry useful and trustworthy metadata that can be used in a variety of systems to make the web a safer place for everyone.

Project milestones:

  • Quatro Newsletters
  • Annual reports
  • Survey
  • DC paper

Download the Quatro Leaflet:

(pdf format 400KB)


The Quatro Partners

Coolwave. New e-media software company, providing website and database technical support.

ECP.NL (Platform for eNederlands). An independent platform that dedicates itself to the development of the Netherlands as information society. Public organisations as well as private organisations are participating in this platform. Leads the policy research foundation of QUATRO.

ERCIM (European Research Consortium for Informatics and Mathematics). The European host of the W3C provides a direct link between Quatro and the W3C’s Semantic Web Activity.

ICRA (Technical coordinator). Leading international content labelling system. Backed by major internet companies around the world.

IQUA (The Internet Quality Agency). Barcelona-based quality labelling scheme with links across Europe through Euro-Label.

NCSR (The Greek National Centre for Scientific Research). Knowledge engineering and artificial intelligence experts.

Pira International (Project Coordinator). Leading UK paper, packaging, print and publishing consultancy.

University of Milan (Department of Computer Science and Communication). Research interest in permissioning systems and database management.

Web Mèdica Acreditada of the Medical Association of Barcelona (COMB) Spanish Medical review and labelling scheme.